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We see you guys struggeling with ladders, steps, paletts or scaffolds while wrapping car tops, vans or trucks...that´s a big No-No. We think, you deserve something better :)

Our “Timber-Team” around Master Craftsman, Peter, started looking for an appropriate solution and developed what might be the most fl exible platform system for car wrappers, ever. WRAPWALK is a modular Timber-framestructure, which you can stack next to each other, in front of each other or even on top of each otherin any desired order. So, you always have the correct working height for any car, van or truck. Of course, you can add little steps to climb on the second or third level with ease. The individual frames can be connected with solid Timber-clamps. So you get a sealed and safe unit. 

That´s how wrapping gets more fun. But the best is literally at the end: After you´ve done your job, simply stack all the units in a pile and put them on an optional Stackdolly (available separately) and movethe whole thing into a corner of your shop, saving space. The base element is 120cm (47“) by 40cm (16“) and it´s height is 30cm (12“).



Of course, you can extend your system almost endlessly :)



WrapWalk BasicSet: 1x Base + 1x Lid
WrapWalk MasterSet: 4x Base, 2x Lid, 1x Step, 1x Mate (Dolly)

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