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Mini squeegee for vinyl applications in recesses, beads and curves

This car wrapping application tool is equipped with two different tool tips: On one side, it features a circular shape which makes it easier to apply vinyl films in deep and hard-to-reach spots. The special radius means that you always use this mini squeegee at the correct 30-degree angle. This ensures wrinkle-free application of car wrapping films, even across concave surfaces.

On the opposite side of the WrapStick Eco Betty is a thin tapered blunt tip, which is ideal for applying vinyl films into beads and other narrow recesses.

The WrapStick Eco Betty is available in two hardness grades and comes with a matching WrapStick Wing for the round side.

  • Green -     Soft    (approx. 40 Shore D)
  • Gold  -  Medium (approx. 72 Shore D)

Product features

  • squeegee pen for detail wrapping
  • two different tool ends: round & pointed
  • two different hardness grades
  • without holding magnet (compared to WrapStick Betty)



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