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A great NEW DBS product is from an idea that came to us thanks to our customer, Ernst Bechtel, at the BLICKPUNKT* company in Heidelberg.
Ernst used the "honey cloths" to prep surfaces before applying paint or vinyl; the cloths that are normally used in auto body repair shops. How they got their name is from the early days when they were embedded with real honey comb material, which gave them a nice sticky quality, yet at the same ime, they wouldn't create static build-up (Today, high-tech synthetic "honey comb" is used.) A great idea, Ernst, but ...
Even though honey cloth is the world's best antistatic dusting solution, the cloths are just too sticky. The sticky substance gets on your hands, and worse, leaves streaks of sticky stuff behind, if you wipe too firmly. So we did not think Ernst's idea, while truly a great idea, was perfect, quite yet.
So we worked closely with the manufacturer's material scientists to create a totally new product – one that's just as effective as typical honey-cloth, but feels almost like a dry cloth. And best of all, it won't leave a sticky residue behind. (Unless you wipe way too hard, which is easy to avoid so long as you're not a body builder all hopped-up on steroids.)
Introducing Yello Dusty, the first "honey cloth" for sign-makers!
Removes dust more cleanly than any other wipe
Will not create – and even removes – static
Guaranteed silicone-free
Won't dry out – it's reusable!
Tightly holds dust so it won't transfer or get into the air
Great for all sign substrates and vehicles
Ready-to-use and won't leave your hands feeling sticky
Yello Dusty is ideal for digital printing, vinyl graphics, vehicle vinyl/paint preparation – and even cleaning your computer monitor! It gobbles up dust and will not leave static behind, guaranteed.
Comes in a practical reusable package.
Each cloth unfolds to 44cm x 28cm
25 Yello Dusty cloths per package.
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