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Now 16-1 gap cutting tool!

Handy Vinyl Cutter 

Handy Vinyl Cutter with magnet

The fast and easy way to cut through vinyl backing.

New Teflon-coating improves gliding ability.

The ULTIMATE BodyGuard Knife!

Make center cuts (hinge cuts) in just one motion. 

Smooth and easy center cuts!

The delux version of our BodyGuardKnife.

Teflon coated cutting bracket for the BodyGuard Knife.

Trim perfect 3-mm or 5-mm gaps!

Was: $64.99
Now: $51.99

Create an edge gap from 0.5mm to 1.5mm

Our No Nonsense Gap Cutter

Handle Plexiglass and acrylic like a pro!

Perfect cutter for cleanly-cut fabrics, banners, flags and paper.

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