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Mounting magnet with extended handle for car wrapping

Add a 6" (15 cm) long tube handle to our most popular mounting magnet and you get a totally new tool: Thanks to the solid aluminum handle of the LongMag HD, you can hang application or measuring tapes, wrapping tools or anything else right where you need it. Signmakers use LongMag HD when installing signage and lettering, even on glass surfaces in combination with Yellotools' GeckoPatches!


LongMag HD is also perfectly usable as a spacer for vinyls on car wrap jobs and can also be equipped with MagPatch protective patches. And there are even more possibilities to utilize this unique magnet, e.g. as a storage hook in the workshop ;-)


Product features

  • strong magnetic adhesion
  • enables film applications without assistance
  • very versatile to use
  • special coating protects painted and film surfaces
  • 6" / 15 cm long handle
  • weight incl. handle: 55 g
  • magnetic plate dimensions: 1.65" x 0.23" / 43 x 6 mm
  • maximum application temperature: 140 °F / 60 °C

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