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Vinyl film cutter with extended handle

Having trouble cutting big pieces of vinyl film, because Either your arms are too short or the cutter only works in one cutting direction? 

With this extended version of our best selling BodyGuardKnife, there is a solution to this problem! All versions of the LongReach Duo have the option to flip the blade to do either a push or pull cut! LongReach Duo is available in two standard lengths of 60cm / 24" and 90cm / 36". 

Easy storage with magnets

With the LongReach Duo Mag, shelf supports, metal doors or the printer housing can be used for storage: It is equipped with strong holding magnets so that it can always be pinned to magnetic surfaces for easy access.


Fast and accurate cuts thanks to Teflon coating

The cutting head of the  LongReach Duo ProTeflon features our ProTeflon Shoe: The solid gliding foot is covered with a high-quality Teflon coating that prevents the knife from sticking to the back of the film, improves its gliding properties and ensures a clean and safe cut.

The advantages of the Teflon coating are:

  • excellent gliding properties on all surfaces
  • less effort required for repeated cutting of large-format vinyls
  • extended service life


Product features

  • extended safety cutter for films and liners
  • can be used on both sides (push / pull cut)
  • available lengths: 24" or 36"
  • powerful magnets for easy storage (LongReach Duo Mag)
  • Teflon-coated gliding base ((LongReach Duo ProTeflon)
  • compatible with BodyGuard Knife steel or titanium replacement blades


Available variants

  • LongReach Duo
  • LongReach Duo Mag (with magnets for better storage)
  • LongReach Duo ProTeflon (with Teflon glide shoe)


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