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The ultimate borehole template with 2-in-1 feature

Hole N' Cut is a drill hole and edge cutting template in one tool! A scale from 15 to 40 mm helps you to either make a straight cut or to drill holes at an even distance. No more unnerving double measurements of boreholes: Just place this template with its rearward pins at a corner of your sign and mark your borehole through one of the holes - done! The stainless steel plate on the right enables you to cut with 7 different distances.

Function #1: Put the bore hole template with the rear bolts on a sign corner and mark the hole through the corresponding mark.
Function #2 : With the upper stainless steel template in conjunction with the bolts on the back, edge cuts can be made at 7 different distances.


Also available: Acrylic glass for better visibility and an XXL version

Hole n' Cut ECO is the transparent "sister" of the Hole N' Cut. made of cast acrylic glass. The see-through material is thicker than the stainless steel version and only suitable for push cutting to a limited extent, but it offers the transparency that is helpful for many applications - you simply see better where exactly the bore holes will be in the sign afterwards!

There is also an XXL version of the Hole N' Cut ECO, available individually or as a set including a deep hole marker, cutter knife and carrying box!

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