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Ape Set-PPF II | Paint protection film cleaner set

Special cleaner set for paint protection films (PPF)

In the set you get a purchase advantage of about 10%.

Stone chip protection foils require a special pre-cleaning. With the Ape Set-PPF II you have the best conditions to pre-clean the vehicles perfectly. The set includes the ApeFoamPotion foam with the corresponding foam pump spray bottle EasyPump Foam and the ApeApple Potion with the corresponding pump spray bottle EasyPump.

Take a closer look at the cleaners :-)

Perfect pretreatment of stone chip protection films with Yellotools PPF cleaners

This "magic liquid" (Potion) allows the film to "glide" perfectly on the one hand and on the other hand to fix and adhere quickly on request and short pressure. We recommend our PPF squeegee ApeDuo greenApeDuo red or one of our PPF sandwiches!

APE FoamPotion:

  •     1 liter completely biodegradable (holds about 12 liters of bonding liquid!)
  •      skin-compatible
  •      clinically tested
  •      ph-neutral

APE ApplePotion:

  •     1 liter (holds about 12 liters of bonding liquid!)
  •     completely biodegradable
  •     skin-friendly
  •     clinically tested
  •     ph-neutral
  •     we recommend approx. 50ml (dosage aid) per 1 liter of water

The set includes:

  •     1x EasyPump 1L
  •     1x EasyPump Foam 1.5L
  •     1x ApeFoamPotion 1L
  •     1x ApeApplePotion 1L

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