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The latest squeegee innovation by Yellotools: Enter the WrapDragon!

We LOVE your Job, your Industry...and the fact that we can always help you with the latest tool technologies to do this craft even better and more efficiently.

Today we present you the newest member of the Yellotools squeegee family: the "WrapDragon". This Vinyl Drake really has it in or at itself. Through the two notches in the two short squeegee flanks, you can now get even deeper into corners and built angles. In addition, the four outer flanks cushion the contact pressure of the corners quite differently than with the conventional 4-inch squeegee.


The WrapDragon features three rounded corners and one 90° edge on one corner. This was requested by our beta testers, who found the feature of working the films stronger under moldings and edges especially well. Even cutting in at these points is sometimes possible with the corner. The asymmetrical corner arrangement is only possible thanks to the new production method (center casting) and allows a burr-free use of the whole tool.

As usual, the WrapDragon is also available in the known Yellotools colors and the corresponding degrees of hardness. From very soft to extremely hard, with Teflon-coated and antistatic variants, this top tool is also available from our own production with our own machines.


Product features

  • ergonomic plastic squeegee for vinyl application
  • 3x R4 radius and 1x 90° edge 
  • central recess for improved handling (center finder)
  • 7 different degrees of Shore hardness
  • compatible with YelloWings self-adhesive squeegee pads


The WrapDragon is available with these variants:

  • Green (40 Shore D): very soft and flexible
  • Blue (62 Shore D): rather soft, inexpensive
  • Antistatic (70 Shore D): medium soft, antistatic material
  • Gold (72 Shore D): medium soft
  • Pink (72 Shore D): medium soft
  • Orange (82 Shore D): rather hard
  • Teflon (89 Shore D): very hard, refined with Teflon technology
  • Peekaboo (93 Shore D): hard, trendy smoked glass look


SELF-CONSCIOUSLY, the WrapDragon is also made from high-quality, NOT carcinogenic plastics which you can put in your mouth for "parking" without hesitation :)

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