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Complete gap knife set with rollers and spare blades

SasserCut Pro is an invaluable tool for all car wrapping professionals, cutting the film in door and bonnet gaps perfectly. This helps to avoid ugly zig-zag cuts and paint damage on car doors and fuel filler caps.

The conically shaped rollers guide the blade securely: A conventional blade could move up and down or to the left and right within the gap, resulting in irregular cut edges and possible damages to the paint.


SasserCut Pro features a blade immersion depth of 5.3 mm as standard. By changing the SasserCut Roll roller bodies, additional cutting depths of 4.0 and 6.5 mm are possible.


Also included in this set is a plastic protective roller for use with the Plastic SpareBlade. This combination is ideal for vehicles where the plunge depth cannot be determined directly: In case of doubt, the plastic blade protects rubber seals and the vehicle paintwork from damage ;-)


Product features

  • roller-guided blade for cuts in bodywork gaps
  • immersion depth of the blade can be adjusted by exchanging the rollers
  • immersion depths: 4.0 / 5.3 / 6.5 mm
  • for crevice widths up to 10 mm
  • blade material: titanium-coated steel; plastic
  • knife handle, roller body and blades also available separately
The SasserCut Pro Set includes

Greg P
Well built tool.
Does exactly what it's advertized to do. A little expensive for such a small item but as a one time purchase it's justifiable.
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