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Plastic squeegee with five different scents

As you all know there is always something special about Yellotools: a unique quality, a built-in feature  or a completely new way of approaching an old problem. Something that no one else has combined or developed. 😉

What we have been doing for many, many years is: listening to YOU. We pay attention to your daily problems, take a close look at your stumbling blocks and develop solutions together with you, which we then call "DBS product" (Designed By Signmakers). 

In this context, we have now developed a very special squeegee series in cooperation with The Wrap Institute founder Justin Pate.

For years, Justin had wanted a squeegee  that didn't  smell like plastic.  His idea was to put good smells into a squeegee which would send you on a scent journey in the middle of your everyday life. The squeegee would be one that could be used for wrapping and give you moments of smiling to recharge your batteries.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible for Yellotools to fulfill Justin’s desire without having to use toxic substances that are harmful to your health.

Our colleagues Sina and Oli have finally succeeded in finding a plastic compound that, thanks to innovative technology, contains tree and plant fibers in such a way that they can be processed into our squeegees in BPA- and phthalate-free plastics with long-lasting fragrances.

The result is simply AMAZING! From now on we offer you these little scent moments in the form of your favorite squeegees:

Curtain up for the SmellGood ProWrap - the world's first scented squeegee :)

You're stressed, work is monotonous, and it's getting late again? Then have a quick smell  of the Peppermint SmellGood! You need a little flashback to the 80s? This is no problem with the unmistakable scent of the BubbleGum SmellGood! Or maybe you'd like something sweet? Nothing brings the stress level down like a Caramel Cupcake SmellGood. For coffee lovers, there is the good old scent of the Coffee SmellGood. And if you want to take a short trip to the Caribbean, the scent of the Pina Colada SmellGood takes you right there 

Try it for yourself - if you experience feel-good moments similar to those of our YELLOs during testing, then we have achieved our goal which is to lift your mood at work by taking a short trip to your own scent oasis.   Let your senses wander around - take a breath, enjoy and then get back to work fresh

Since the base material compound is a new, complex recipe, there are unfortunately still limitations in the hardness grades of the final product. The available scented squeegees are set to 63 degrees Shore. This complies approximately to the hardness of the golden ProWrap squeegees.

We're sure that the unique SmellGood feature justifies the price and gives you many relaxing scent experiences



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