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Yellotools The TimStick

Film roll lifting aid

Yellotools Twister Slot 6 mobile film roll holder for 6 rolls

Mobile film roll holder for use with The TimStick

$142.87 - $168.87
Yellotools Twister Slot Stripe film roll stand

Vinyl roll floor stand for use with The TimStick

Get your vinyl off the floor!

Our popular Twister in a Round form! 

A round Twister with a base plate that swivels!

Jumbo version of our Twister holds 16 rolls!

Our Twister with accessories


Our Twister with a "Twist"


Upright Twister

Storage for coreless spare vinyl 

$67.99 - $95.24

A twister for under the table storage!

$350.99 - $363.99

Stack more rolls on your Twister!

Easy rolling storage of up to 15 rolls!

$424.49 - $455.49
$713.99 - $908.99