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As you know, when it comes to tools, Yellotools has you covered. We know that tools are based on preferenece and experience so to come up with a kit that would be for everyone would be impossible. So what we have to offer is a kit that come from thousands of orders of data from installers all over the world. If you're looking to get started, there isn't a single tool in this kit that you wont want!


Kit Includes:


YelloBelt ProWrap Black (that's the tool pouch)

BodyGuard Knife Teflon (that's your back slitter)

GloveMaxx ProWrap (that's the best gloves in the market)

Wrap Defender (that's your cutter you can use on the car) 

YelloCut M Pro (that's your 9mm cutter with a 30° blade)

BladeBreaker Mini (that's for your blade clippings)

ProWrap Betty Squeegee (that's your medium shore squeegee) 

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