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YelloGear RobinBoes Set

Our dear friend and wrap pro Robin was instrumental in the development of the overall concept and he introduces his personal combination. The YelloGear set "Robin Boes" consists of the single elements Sash, Quiver, BigPouch, Triple Mini, Triple Pouch and YelloGear Base. Robin describes the advantages of this set as follows:

"I have been working as a freelance installer for 23 years now, and I haven’t quite agreed with the toolbags and pouches available in this business for almost just as long. Most of them are in the way and risk of scratching the paint of a car. When trying to get my bag out of the way, its buckle would get caught up in the belt loops of my jeans and I could have ripped it off and thrown it away more than once. Plus I found, the more these waist bags aged, the more trouble they meant.
That’s all over now. My close cooperation with Yellotools now spawned the „YelloGear“ that is as versatile as installers are different. My favorite being the holster-like ensemble. The tools are carried on the breast and are always close at hand. Adaptable for both, lefties and righties, this variety of velcro attached pouches give me the option of carrying just what I need, and have an ideal equipped bag at any time for any job. It does not hang in my way, therefore avoids damaging any paint job. Putting tools back into it, happens almost blindfolded after a few hours of wearing. And even if I have to lay down during my work, no tools will fall out, since I arranged everything in an angle, even downwards to make it more ergonomically accessible. Modern times, new ways, new YelloGear."

















01.  1x YelloGear Sash   
06.  1x YelloGear Quiver 
07.  1x YelloGear BigPouch  
08.  2x YelloGear SteelPatch   
09.  1x YelloGear TripleMini   
11.  2x YelloGear TriplePouch 
12.  1x YelloGear Base 

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