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Yellotools Janus Hook 'n' Needle piercing and weeding tool

Weeding hook and piercing needle in one tool

Yellotools Janus Knife 'n' Hook

Precision cutter and weeding tool

Janus Knife 'n' Needle | bubble piercing tool and scalpel knife

Weeding and cutting tool

Yellotools Janus System All-In Set
Yellotools SignTweezer black and pink

New Weeding Tweezers

$6.68 - $8.03

Weeding Tweezer with 3-1 benefit

CarWrap Tweezer with locking function

Special CarWrap Tweezers

New Tweezer for CarWrap

SignTweezer - Straight (small)
Length:  3.35"
SignTweezer - Straight (large)
Length:  5.12"
SignTweezer - Hook 65A
Length:  5.28"
SignTweezer - Hook 7
Length:  4.61"
SignTweezer - Edge
Length:  4.45"

All 5 of our SignTweezers in a set with a stand!