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Our AllStar Squeegee with a BodyGuard Knife attachment!

Our Popular BodyGuard Knife TWIN in a kit with 5 different cutting widths!

$95.24 - $122.49

Small cutter with short handle comes in straight or swivel blade! 


Our Handy New Cutter with no exposed blade! 

$9.40 - $33.93

Next Generation of Wrap Defenders!

$9.40 - $176.98

Now 16-1 gap cutting tool!

A BodyGuard Knife Teflon for your YelloTwin Squeegee! 

Handy Vinyl Cutter 

Handy Vinyl Cutter with magnet

The fast and easy way to cut through vinyl backing.

New Teflon-coating improves gliding ability.

The ULTIMATE BodyGuard Knife!

Make center cuts (hinge cuts) in just one motion. 

Smooth and easy center cuts!

The delux version of our BodyGuardKnife.

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