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Spare Blade for our AngelRacer

Get more sharpness than ever with Yellotools BlackBlades


Premium blades for the BodyGuard Knives and LongReach cutters.

TitanBlades for the YelloGuide Flexi and SasserCut.

High performance blades for the CutCoaster.

rReplacement blades for our 9mm and 18mm cutters

$6.25 - $7.49

High-Carbon steel for long-lasting sharpness.

Replacement blades for the BodyGurad Knife.

Double-sided replacement blades for the CutCoaster.

replacement blades for our 9mm and 18mm cutters

$2.72 - $4.49

Replacement blades for a swivel knife! 

Spare blades for our YelloCut EasyFlip

Spare blades for our SasserCut Plastic (5pk)

Replacement needle for the YelloPen.

30° spare weeder blade.